Video Consumption During Quarantine

While there were plenty of unprecedented circumstances that have grown in 2020, not every thing has been negative. International pandemics aside, there have actually been some interesting social shifts which could attract growth and positive developments going forward.

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Government officials and concerned family and friends urge a continued self-isolation at home to protect the health and functioning of the hospitals and people, and there hasn’t been a better time to do that. Our access to data through using the world wide web has enabled most job roles, revenue streams and connections to keep and occasionally even flourish in a physically isolated society. Much Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook considers video is a crucial part of our future as he shifts his stage increasingly to movie stories and video advertisements. According to Wyzowl within their annual State of Video Marketing Survey for 2020, 92% of marketers say video is an significant part their marketing plan. That is up from 78% in 2015. That stat has grown from just 33% in 2015, which means both consumers and marketers are transitioning to video consumption to educate themselves on the current market and communicate with customers.Jonathan Barnard, Head of Forecasting at Zenith, talked up about his thoughts on this tendency:”The consumption of online movie is growing rapidly, along with the average man will spend half a time watching online video since they spend viewing conventional television this season. This fast-expanding source of viewers is fueling rapid increase in demand from advertisers, making online video the fastest-growing digital station by advertising cost.”This is fantastic news for us and our clients as opportunities for well-produced video grows. There have been limited opportunities to generate live video content neighborhood to our home base in Richmond Virginia because of distancing needs, however our clients have continued to demand online advertising and animation content. We’ve been able to find creative solutions for generating what our customers need, and that includes personality animation, 3D modeling and rendering, remote interviews, and movie editing from present material. From our perspective, the demand for a strong message communicated through moving images and sound has not decreased- it’s becoming the new standard in digital marketing.

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