Paid to Travel? Can You Really Get Paid to Travel

Travel … Oh yeah, not everyone likes to travel? Well, I know, I know … Flight connections, delays, cancellations, pain of 1 mile luggage via terminal drag … Car rental hassle, fighting foreign traffic (And the way to drive) And when trying to understand what the man was telling you, all you asked was “Where is the toilet?” … In addition to all this, it’s not the best feeling to take a deep breath and realize that you have nothing to do but sit on the beach, away from your normal routine … what you do best It ’s a difficult decision, is n’t it? Eat steaks and lobsters in the evening … and your biggest concern is whether you have enough sunscreen. This is all about travel … if it distracts us from our daily lives and puts us in a whole new culture … See what people are doing 10,000 miles away, breathe, eat, dance and think to yourself, “This is like you see on TV.” This is when everything bears fruit … that’s why traveling is so great.
But one of the biggest obstacles to travel, if not “EL”, is a small green piece of paper (or a lot of paper) called MONEY. Whether you want to visit a friend in Dallas or take his wife to Bora Bora, it all costs a lot. The era of “$ 49.00” southwestern rates is gone and even small weekend vacations are demanding your money. There are certainly ways to save a few dollars here and there, but no matter what they look like, traveling is expensive. Not everyone has a salary of 6 or 7, so you can spend 6 days or a week in Ibiza on the weekends. Is there really a way to travel, and does it mean that I really travel and get paid or travel for free?
The travel industry is a $ 8 trillion dollar industry. Yes, you are reading that right … it’s a sign of having a capital “T”. How can I participate in addition to hotels, airlines and luggage manufacturers?
Let’s look at some ways to travel the world and make a living.

Flight Attendants-This is actually a great way to quickly visit many places. The average stewardess earns $ 37,000.00 a year and the highest salary ranges from $ 75,000.00 to $ 90,000.00. If you know more than one language, that’s definitely an advantage. Transportation staff receive daily meals for meals, flexible working hours, flight discounts, hotels and holiday travel expenses. The downside is that if you are working, your flight schedule can be exhausted-12, traveling to multiple cities in a time frame of 18 or 24 hours. When he finally stops resting, the need to go and visit the city is exchanged for the simple need to sleep in bed. Oh yeah I forgot to mention … Have you ever seen someone angry, upset, or upset on an airplane? Yes, be prepared to deal with rude customers during the 12-24 hour shift! Visit:-

Commercial Pilot License: The same is true for stewardesses when it comes to working hours, but salaries are much better. Depending on the size of the aircraft and your business, you can earn $ 121,000.00 a year. If you want to go to flight school, have at least 250 hours of flight experience! Make sure you have perfect eyesight and hearing. Again, if you want to build your career with this, visit cities across the country (and around the world). However, be prepared to deal with thousands of customers, weather and equipment issues, tight schedules, and the stress of responsibility. To transport so many people to different places.
Travel Agencies-As you may know, travel agencies know the best places to visit. They are mediators between hotels, airlines, tourist offices and travelers. They will probably have the opportunity to visit some of these places and they will be able to see everything for themselves, that’s a really great bonus, isn’t it? Regular salaries range from $ 25,000.00 to $ 35,000.00 and you usually need to report some kind of training at the Travel Institute.
Freelance Writer or Photographer: What a wonderful job traveling the world … We spend time in different cultures, observing how people communicate, eat, sleep and worship. You’re really “free” and send what you see and experience to people sitting on the couch thousands of miles away. Take a look … well, that’s what we talked about a while back: money. Of course, you don’t have to pay before visiting these places, so plan a little, make your account green, and learn tips for expressing yourself with pencils and paper. Or with a camera. Be sure to develop a kind of “follow” to have a good foundation for people who read and view your content. Don’t fly to India with a thousand dollars and an iPad, hoping to start a cash-generating travel blog that will allow you to travel around the world for years to come. You can also go to the nearest casino and play blackjack. If you can escape this profession (and those who do now), put on a hat for a great job!

Well, we talked about some travel chores, so you might say, “I love my job right now, and I really hang out with all the people 6 all over the country. I don’t feel like flying around. Just sleep in Des Moines at night. “If you’re just graduating from school or want to take a” gap year “between work, consider these routes and explore the world. Would you like to travel?

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