Manage the Information and Influences

Especially in a market slowdown, the media will really have a lot of negative information without often understanding it or will analyze it, when they give them a powerful container!

A current example is ….
The media has the news with the latest Nationwide news with News Sky, including reporting that the prices of properties for the first time in five months have fallen to a slowdown in the home market of the UK indicates generated.
The mortgage lender quoted and said that “the average price of the house by 0.3% in November, taking the annual growth rate at its worst level this quarter just 0.4%”. Her chief economist Martin Gahbauer said: “There are early signs that the flow of new properties in the market can slow down more than potential sellers to take the recent weakness in prices and decide against the commercialization of their properties.”

Some people call this “lazy journalism”, as prices always fall in Christmas race, others look at the biggest panorama that an increase in this quarter sees compared to a small seasonal decline.
With current loan rates so low, many people stretched significantly are now in a much better cash flow situation because of the mortgage rates falling, or if the young Lord said: “They never have it so good.” The most important thing here is that once the credit increases, not back to what was in 2007, but at a more sensitive level now, the average price of transactions will rise, so in theory, the news will say that the values ​​of The property is increasing …! The values ​​will not necessarily increase, there will be many more people who are the level of discounts that can now be taken to buy and not. Visit:-

Then, instead of having a negative title, I actually take the containers at the moment as very positive. Even with a lack of credit and all negative containers, and most sellers are forced to take very low offers: The general price of the transaction is only 16% less than the peak, so the market of the property, which as a whole Overvaarding is about 10 anyway, it has seen nothing in any case as the expected droplet levels and is in a much stronger position to recover quickly once it has approved credit.
Previously, I wrote that the affordable level for the prices of the UK’s properties based on current salaries was about £ 150,000, although I still prefer less than £ 90,000, and I think it would be good that the economy is progressing when we reach that.
I’m always worried how many people are influenced by sensational journalism for their financial information!

With any real estate market running through the streets, talking to the local population, with a sense of local offer and the figures of demand and the figures of rent will make a difference and how well the investments of your property work. A fact to trust daily mail for your financial news and property counseling is less likely to do it well and is more likely to follow the maintenance of the suit, which unfortunately will never give strong results.

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