Free Guide to Starting a Blog and Making Money Blogging Step by Step

I’ve been writing a Blog for a few months since I started and I wish I had known then what I know now. The challenge of beginning an Blog and finding out the best way to go about it is that there’s not a step by step source in plain direct simple English so I’ve created this guide for you. This isn’t perfect but it’s based on what I’ve learned about blogging and how to make blogging money over the past couple of months, and I’m certain there’s plenty to improve and you can use this as an outline. A base for information is better than nothing at all and you need to start from somewhere with your feet planted on the ground. You can follow this guide for those who just want to start a blog and don’t want to be interested in making money or if you’d like to blog to earn some money without doing any extra work. Sounds like a good deal, OK! The initial part of this tutorial begins with getting a domain name and should you already be acquainted with the process, you can skip over and jump right into Section 2. Be aware that a fuller revision of this article with additional links is posted in the Blog listed in the Resources Section.

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(Optional) Section 1. Registering a Domain For Your Blog

First thing you’ll need to do is Register the Domain Name of Your Blog. I would recommend that you utilize a COM domain. Also, look for the shortest simplest name that you are able to come up with that is free of numerals or dashes. The names you’ll see are single and are all taken, so think of a simple phrase or something memorable and you’ll probably find something available after a few hours. I would not suggest using a net, org, etc. regardless of the name because people are prone to forget everything except com. If you go with net, chances are people will put an COM and you’ll be giving another site free traffic and losing your own. Once you’ve found an Com which you can sign up to host your website, go to register it with Godaddy, which is incredibly cheap. If you don’t want anyone to know you are the owner of the domain. This would include the removal of your name, number, address and email address, which will cost you $10 per year or less for private Registration. I’d recommend using this method to ensure your privacy. The information you give them has to match your credit card information and financial details. Once you register, make sure to keep copies from your Godaddy Password number in a secure and secure spot. You’ll need web hosting for both your and blogging software, which will be coming up in later chapters. Don’t sign up for Godaddy Hosting if you want to go with the company I suggest for everything, including Hosting.

Section 2. AdSense

Google AdSense is the easiest to earn money that you can earn in your lifetime and it’s free to you, if you would like to earn AdSense. If you’re not interested in earning extra money through AdSense just don’t publish it on your blog, its up to you. The little Google ads and occasionally larger images appearing on web pages are AdSense. The method by which AdSense works is that you sign up for a trial period for the program and then you are able to cancel anytime, and in return Google places these ads on your Blog/Website. All anyone has to do is click on the ad on your website and you’ll get paid anywhere from 1 cent to potentially $10 or more a click. I typically get around 20 cents. This can be increased the amount if I receive 40 clicks per day or so. How much you get paid is dependent on a number of aspects for which it is important to read AdSense rules and policy. AdSense will pay you when you’ve hit the $100 threshold and then you get paid again. I’ve earned a good amount of money within a couple of months, which is pretty impressive for little work! Simply put, the more traffic you can draw to your blog in, the more clicks you’ll be able to get, and the more money you’ll make. Google is extremely strict regarding the clicks being legit and if they find that you in violation of their rules, they may possibly expel you permanently and without a chance to reinstate you Seriously! You must read the rules and policys a few times for AdSense. The most important thing to remember is to not click on your own ads and don’t have friends or family do it either and do not ask people to click on ads on your blog, or you’ll get kicked off AdSense. The best solution is to put them on your site and do not mention it. Be sure to check their policy on what they can allow AdSense on. The Blog software I used already had AdSense integrated into the Program. My blog is linked to the Resources Section.

I’ll be referring you to and giving you a contact address in Section 4. The majority of other blogs, as from my knowledge, you have to manually add the AdSense codes on the pages. The WordPress Blog application I use doesn’t require it.

Section 3. E-Commerce on Your Blog

I use a program called The Easy Store that’s a part of my Blog , or in reverse Versa. It’s called the Easy Store basically lets you create a niche-based store for any or all Amazon’s offerings and for items purchased, you earn a 4-6% commission in general. This is paid directly from Amazon. It’s not free. Easy Store isn’t free but it could cost you if you have them do a logo for you $200. With no logo, probably $120. The software is not complicated and the Software with the Blog software can be installed for no cost through Zeus Design who will go through everything with you and will be there for technical support. My Gifts Shop in Resources is an Easy Store.

Section 4. Getting the Blog (WordPress) Software and AdSense, E-Commerce and Hosting If You Wish

As I mentioned before I use Zeus Design to do everything for me. I am extremely satisfied with the work that they’ve accomplished for me. This isn’t meant as an informational piece, it’s my honest, unpaid testimonial of a company I’m extremely satisfied with, who do top-quality, fast, and reliable work, and is pleasant to handle. If you’d like to work with other companies. I’ll only be able to tell you the things that work for me and welcome to do business with them. If you want an identical WordPress Blog as mine with AdSense installed, and an Easy Store as part of the Hosting and Blog, I recommend you contact Zeus Design.

The price in my opinion is fairly reasonable and affordable. Also, as I said you are free to browse through different companies.

Section 5. Once You Have Your Blog Online

Here are a few lessons I’ve learned when you want better traffic. Remember this won’t happen overnight.

1. Always put a picture or illustration on each of your Blogs. I made the mistake of not doing this during the first couple of months and it was a huge mistake that cost me dearly. It is best to always use anything that will catch someone’s interest in a positive manner. I paid $30 for a program which allows me to combine two photos into one image which I couldn’t do without on my blog called Picture Merge Genius.

2. Always make the Title of your blog as intriguing and eye catching as possible by using key words that are important to your readers.

3. Write every chance you get on interesting, current and new topics and ideas, as well as people that are on the news and in the public’s mind in contrast to the things and memories from your life unless it applies to others. I read the news online every day about 10 times to see what’s relevant. The Internet is the primary source of news. In my case, I discovered a photo of Sara Palin expecting her first child 20 years ago. I posted it alongside a picture of her supposedly pregnant with Trig and then turned it into a separate Blog with my thoughts on the whole situation I received about 15,000 readers. It’s true that I was lucky, but I’m beating almost no readers writing about my favorite HDTV Model! It could take a few months to pick this up. Remember that while you and your family may be enthralled by your personal stories and your philosophy of life the majority of people couldn’t not care more.

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