Don’t Spitz Out! 3 Tips For Marriage CPR

You know more about today’s Eliot Spitzer marriage than your wife last month. If you’re her, and perhaps you, it’s a scary idea. Are you wondering about your own marriage?
Everything looks good for everyone around Spitzer, and probably for everyone around you as well. After all, who can ask for more? Money, fame, power, Spitzer had it all, right? If so, why is your marriage “Spitz Out”? And how did it get out of hand? (Guided girl?) It all raises the question you are asking, “How can I prevent my marriage from eliminating Spitz?”

After training thousands of couples as marriage counselors for over 30 years, some of them had cases, he says. Joey Faucette wants most men and women to stay married, but he just doesn’t know how to stay married. He is always alive. They are struggling to recover from the tears of a tearful relationship at the center of marriage. The necessary healing never happens, his love is alienated and spitzed out. Like you, they don’t know how to do CPR for a couple and how to avoid spitz outs.
There are some common characteristics that successful couples live by performing CPR in marriage. You can learn and live these tips every day so that your marriage never leaves Spitz.
Tip 1: Stay married

The heart of your marriage requires that the paramedic protect your heart muscle and maintain your marriage with the same care that you try to beat again in the event of a heart attack.
How do you keep your marriage like a successful couple? You make your relationship with your spouse the most important priority of all other relationships. You take care of your marriage first before doing anything else, and make sure it is strong enough to maintain your marriage.
What does it look like in your everyday world?
That basically means that you don’t give any attention to your “better self”, other relationships like your energy and work. Save your energy and attention so you can go home at the end of the day, you can share most of your “best self” with your spouse .. If you turn your major energy and attention to work and other relationships, you are replacing your marriage as a priority in your world. You commit emotional adultery and give another gift at the end of the day without liking yourself enough to share with your spouse.
How do you know if you are engaged in an emotional relationship between work and adultery? Please answer these questions honestly.

1. How many days a week do you work so hard that you can’t have a part of your spouse’s conversation? 2. How many weeks do you work more than 45 hours?
3. How many months have passed since you and your husband planned a special night or vacation weekend alone?
Your answers to these questions are not intended to cause paralyzing sins, but rather to motivate you to change your habits. The options are: Visit:-

NS. Save spouse time, energy, attention, or;

Come from B. Spitz!

As with any form of CPR, immediate attention increases survival. Don’t procrastinate if you have an emotional relationship with work or someone else who has an affair. If your answer even raises the suspicion that it is possible, act now as if there were no tomorrow. What can you do to stay married?
Try the following immediate actions:

1. Save your energy and attention today. Give others ownership of your situation or problem.
2.2. If you worked hard this week, get out early Friday afternoon and do something fun.
3. Call your spouse now and plan an experience for just two people.
The first way to stay married in a married life without getting out of Spitz is to save energy and attention for marriage and treat your spouse as if it were the most important relationship. Preventing Spitz from falling The C of Marital CPR is to save energy and attention. Second tip: Stay married

Do you remember how your spouse breathed when you were out?
If you decide not to come from Spitz to have a healthy marriage, you retain certain qualities of your relationship that you found very attractive when you went out. You will bring your marriage back to life from the day of your meeting.
Marriage is maintained and the heart beats again, just as the body’s CPR requires the heart to resume. It also keeps your marriage a breath of new life, just as CPR breathes new life into your lungs. Your daily life seems to be determined to breathe your marriage from time to time, right? At work and at home, there are many things we call “urgent” or “important.” Protecting yourself from these blows is essential to prevent you from being overwhelmed by your marriage.
Here’s how you can protect yourself from the blows that breathe your marriage and bring your relationship to life by keeping your marriage:

1. Send flowers for your girlfriend and now wife to send on your first date birthday every month, and if she likes it, send flowers for months on your monthly wedding anniversary or first date send. I promise you, she didn’t forget what you did while you were out!

2. If you play golf with your boyfriend at the time, and now with her husband, for at least a week a month, play golf again. If it’s been a while since you played with us, be prepared to call 9-1-1. However, it will recover. He didn’t forget what you did to him while you were out!

After saying “done”, the couple relaxes too often, as if they said “done”. They went out a lot with each other and then continued the relationship as if they were trying. Inhale the dating qualities you remember and thank you for your marital relationship. Take it out of your head as a souvenir and as a lifeguard in your everyday world.
The second way to stay in Spitz in your marriage and do CPR in your marriage is to maintain the quality of your dating in your relationship. Successful couples find that it prevents them from calling prostitutes with a smile. Marital CPR P, which prevents Spitz from falling, retains excellent properties.
3rd Council: Discuss Your Marriage

If you maintain the center of your marriage by being the most important relationship you are in, and you hold your marriage by breathing in the dating qualities of your marriage, you will make your marriage Ready to revive. Make time to have a wonderful marriage.
The moment a vampire constantly flies to your home, waiting for the opportunity to smoke your marriage. And while the choice is not always between “good” and “bad,” it is often between “good, better, better.”

When doing CPR in your marriage, make the best time for your relationship with your spouse. The obvious times to book are anniversaries and birthdays. Successful couples who do not spitz out do more than the obvious. Be creative. Here are four ideas that you can implement right away:

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