Are You As Young As You Feel?

Recently a top sportswoman was quoted saying that she felt exactly the same in her fifties as she did when she was in her thirties. I’m sure many would be in agreement with her. In the meantime, as the baby boomers reach their 50s, with 34% of the population are aged 50 or more, we’re all looking forward to living longer, healthier life-long, and fulfilling ones. A lot of people, the how we view ageing and middle age has changed to a more fluid and relaxed affair. Getting older appears to have more ambiguous parameters and stereotypes that are associated with ageing.

How many of us now gaze into the mirror to find an older person staring towards us? Thanks to the easy availability of hair dyeing, the possibility of a healthier diet, health care, and the possibility of having a range of non-invasive surgical options, we’re now capable of chasing the years off with ease. Remaining interested and keeping up-to-date with the latest happenings around the globe keeps us young in outlook, connected and it’s never been simpler.

Fashion is more inclusive as fashion designers recognize the fact that older consumers are a lucrative market to target. Sportswear and leisure activities geared towards people who have plenty of time to relax and disposable income can be an effective way to create custom. Many people over 50 are inclined to play sports, such as golf, travel more , and are enjoying the social aspect of life. There’s a demand for a stylish wardrobe to support that lifestyle.

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An increasingly large percentage of the population is self-employed, which allows for more flexibility in the planning of their diaries, with the flexibility to adapt and alter the way they implement their work commitments. This means that retirement does not need to be at an arbitrary age or point in the future; a gradual retirement can be integrated in the event that it is required.

And then, there are people who have perhaps been waiting until they reached their 50s to let their children leave home or to start an end to a strained relationship. This decision will prompt some major changes in the domestic and financial landscape and often brings the most anticipated beginning.

Some people’s financial burden might have decreased as they’ve become older as the mortgage is paid off, the children’s education completed, and maybe pensions beginning to pay. Some may need or want to work; earning money is an important factor, not to mention the routine and social aspects of work brings the structure and social interactions into their life.

Feeling younger than our years is about both mental and physical activity and stimulation. The University of the Third Age is a reputable organization that offers interesting courses and events for older people. However, a variety of training programs that support activities, hobbies, and arts and crafts as well as retraining for professional certificates are accessible for those who are of a certain age. They provide routine, motivation, challenge, as well as opportunities for social interaction and friendship. Physical and mental fitness like yoga, walking, sport to quizzes and stimulating conversation are all crucial in keeping us youthful.

As we age, some people may be beginning to develop physical or health-related limitations, but it does not mean shutting the door to living a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Different levels of assistance in the home can be tailored to meet the individual’s requirements such as meal delivery, cleaning services, through to care for overnight and companionship. Online access will bring many benefits like family, friends shopping, work, educational courses, and entertainment into the home, at any time and whenever needed.

The option of downsizing can be appealing for many families once their children have moved out of the home and are committed to living their lives independently. The process could release some capital and bring less burden on upkeep and costs. Financial stress reduction is an essential way to stay young, healthy and engaged in a life of active living.

There are people who use their later life to revisit an interest from their earlier days that they decided to give up or were unable to pursue. In the future, it could be a suitable moment to establish an interest in business or a consulting company with the possibility to take a different, more satisfying way to achieve success.

Others have drawn up a bucket list of things they want to do, places they want to visit when they’re healthy and able to enjoy them. Many tour operators have the option of adventure tours or extended stays for those who have the time, money and motivation to pursue these opportunities . It’s an ideal way to spend the winter months with fun as well as warmth and a relaxing life.

The saying “health is wealth is especially relevant as we get older, with people getting healthier and earning more in their pocket, and able to enjoy the liberty that comes with less burden. The care of grandchildren can be one of the ways to have fun for a few moments, but many people in their later years have busy schedules, stuffed with events, clubs and social gatherings. Staying active and interested in life, and being open to opportunities to grow in your life is an important way to combat ageing.

Susan Leigh, Altrincham, Cheshire, South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship coach journalist and media contributor offers help with relationship issues and confidence, assertiveness, and stress management confidence. She assists clients on an individual basis, couples and provides seminars for corporations and offers support.

She’s the author of three books entitled ‘Dealing with Stress and Managing the Impact 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday’ and “Dealing With Death, Coping with the Pain’, all sold on Amazon & with easy to read sections, advice and strategies to help you feel more positive about your life

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