A Little Light on Unicorns

Many years ago, when a young man was playing in the woods, he and his sister told me that they saw a unicorn as a kid. Their family was skeptical and their friends laughed, but they did not lose confidence in what they saw and the incredible joy they felt. He said it had a profound effect on his life. I was very happy to hear her story, but I wasn’t thinking about unicorns anymore.
About three years ago, I was relaxing in the garden. In the garden, a pure white horse with spiral horns of light appeared from the third eye. In response to the prayer for humanity’s help, I got the impression that the unicorn is now returning to Earth to help us.
Who is the unicorn?
Unicorns are 7-dimensional creatures, ascended horses. They come from the realm of angels and are part of a network of lights that serve our planet. In Golden Atlantis, they were always present and visible to the people. However, since autumn, they have been regarded as mythical beings as fictional characters.
A unicorn is a magnificent white horse, an airy being, whose third eye radiates light, much like the wings of an angel are the visible light of his heart. Visit:- https://dignitywave.com/
How can a unicorn help you?
They represent purity, aspirations, idealism and are here to teach you qualities, honor and dignity. Above all, they let go of your innocence, your true divine being, and help you reach your true model. Karma will decline in front of you.
Unicorns regain hope and relive our psychological gifts. They can heal people by reconnecting with their spirit.
When the unicorn directs the light of its horns to your third eye, it begins to open you to enlightenment. Every time you think or talk about a unicorn, it evokes in you the energy that tunes you to higher frequencies. The reason why unicorns appear as toys, cards and ornaments is so exciting. I had to laugh when I bought a bike for her granddaughter and she chose one with a unicorn statue in her saddlebag!

Maintain a vision for good.
Unicorns work with you if you have a vision for greater profit. It is so frequent that it helps you achieve the qualities of beauty, elegance, healing, joy, peace, transformation and clarity. As your lighting project progresses, your energy gives you charisma, determination, concentration and dignity to pursue your ideas. Working with a pure heart for an ideal other than your little child can fulfill your wishes.
Nelson Mandela was impressed with the unicorn’s energy to help maintain his vision and dignity while in prison. Bob Geldof was helped by a unicorn to draw attention to the needs of millions of hungry people. Jamie Oliver was encouraged by the unicorn energy that decisively changed our attitude towards school lunch. Many of the people who are currently changing and uplifting the world are affected by the waves of unicorn light. White feathers

Unicorns, like angels, leave small white feathers as business cards because they come from the realm of angels. If you find something in front of you or something that floats softly next to you, think of a unicorn.
How to join a unicorn

Unicorns love the unveiled nature and beauty of the world. If you are walking in the field or sitting quietly in the garden, call quietly. You can feel and feel their presence. They reach frequent groups and touch them with their extraordinary light. Recently, my skeptical business friend felt that Unicorn’s energy was calling on him to change the direction of his business and make it spiritual. Shortly thereafter I spoke to him, and he said the entire herd of unicorns was working with him.

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