What’s Important? Safety Pool Covers, That’s What

Everyday in the United States Of America (USA) 10 people die from accidental drowning.

Of that ten, two are children aged 14 or below. Drowning is the fifth most popular accidental cause of death in the United states. I don’t know what the statistics are for the UK, or more specifically for Hucklow, but I know that swimming pools in many way mean one thing: danger.


Now, what do we do with the danger in our lives?

Well, it seems quite clear to me, we do our absolute best to eradicate it at all costs. If you do not eradicate a danger that could have been eradicated and then someone falls victim to that danger, then their blood is on your hands. Think back… just how bloody are your hands, friend?


One way that you can seriously reduce the number of deaths from drowning in swimming pools is to cover those pools (i.e paramount safety pool covers) if pools have these covers on whenever they are not being actively swam in the chance of someone drowning in them will be significantly reduced. With a cover on, also, swimming becomes more of a ‘to-do’ as you have to get the cover off and on again, so people will simply swim less which reduces the chance of drowning when people are meant to be swimming.

And yet, it is not legally compulsory for people to have safety covers on their pools. Every day that it is not every pool death is on our hands.

On the hands of the people and on the hands of the political class.

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