There’s A Service For Cleaning Your Oven!

When I was young I remember a lot of fighting.

Fighting with fists, fighting with words, fighting with ideas.

Fighting with friends, fighting with family, fighting with myself. Fighting, fighting, fighting. I fought because I really had to fight, I was born at the bottom and I had to drag myself up. And to get myself up I had to fight. I didn’t have a choice, it was fight or fail. I fought.

And now look at me, I am so totally not at the bottom any more, I have money and I pay other people to do stuff for me. There’s a service where people come clean your car, so I use it. There’s a service where they come and look after your pets, so I use it. There’s a Service For Cleaning Your Oven, so I use it. I use it because I can and I want to. Because I don’t have to fight any more. Because I earned it.


I have no children, I don’t want to die with wealth. That’s wealth I could have spent, that’s a waste. Dying with anything would be a waste, it would be disrespectful to myself and the time I put in to working so hard to earn all of that money. That’s hardcore that is yes it is. Very hardcore. Such is the nature of the game, and the game is afoot!


So run!

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