No Wonder Marcus Mariota Is Not Interested in Winning The Heisman Trophy

At the point when ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit requested University from Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota on the off chance that he needed to win the Heisman he said “Sincerely um, and I mean this honestly, no not actually. You know, I’d much rather be named a Super Bowl Champion or presented as a public hero, than the Heisman Trophy. In the event that you can go out there and be presented that way, you know, it says much more regarding your group than it does about yourself.” 

Many accept that he was simply one more competitor who got some great media preparing and maybe was not being just about as honest as he asserted in that meet. Just Mariota knows reality, however what I cannot deny is that if Mariota got his work done about other Heisman Trophy champs, he would be shrewd to not have any desire to win the honor. Since he is going to begin his redshirt junior year as a college alum, it is a decent wagered that Marcus is as capable at getting his work done as he is at playing the sport of football. Visit :- เคล็ดลับเซียนบอล

The realities show that lone eight Heisman Trophy victors in history have at any point been accepted into the National Football League Hall Of Fame. Of those eight inductees, just one was a quarterback, Roger Staubach, who won the honor in 1963 and was enlisted into the NFL HOF in 1985 – Eight years before Mariota was conceived. 

Seventeen of the last 25 Heisman Trophy victors have been quarterbacks and likely the two most recognized players of the seventeen are Carson Palmer and Cam Newton. Of that gathering, just Palmer, Newton and Robert Griffin III have at any point been welcome to play in the genius bowl. Just Palmer and Ty Detmer have at any point begun a NFL end of season game during their NFL professions. Tossing seventeen darts at a board that arbitrarily positioned every one of the names of draft qualified quarterbacks during those equivalent years would almost certainly create a more recognized rundown of NFL quarterback vocations. 

So is there a Heisman Jinx as some broadcast? I don’t think so. More probable it is a blend of things. They guarantee that the Heisman Trophy is to be granted to an individual assigned as the extraordinary school football major part in the United States. I think usually, that isn’t the situation. It will in general be granted to the best player in perhaps the best group yearly, and publicity frequently eclipses execution according to certain electors. Territorial predispositions likewise assume a part in who wins the honor. There is likewise a possible mental part of becoming complacent and not proceeding to improve subsequent to winning the honor. 

Obviously extraordinary school players don’t generally convert into incredible expert players. Most school players do have goals of having an expert vocation however. Marcus Mariota previously expressed he would prefer to win a Super Bowl or a public title, and the realities show he is bound to do the previous and no less inclined to achieve the last mentioned in the event that he doesn’t win the Heisman. 

Mariota may likewise basically acknowledge, similar to all incredible players do, that it is an exercise in futility to stress over things outside his ability to control and invest his energy chipping away at things that are heavily influenced by him like how hard he functions.

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