Helping Hucklow

Great Hucklow.

That’s what we call ourselves.

But what makes us great? What is it about us that is so great? Why do we look in the mirror and feel pride and love for ourselves? Why do we believe that we are worthy of affection and high regard? Why?

Well, it is an ongoing battle. To maintain a good opinion of oneself should be an ongoing battle. If you find a way of granting yourself endless self esteem you’ve probably played a little mental trick that is completely inadvisable. Self esteem, self regard, it has to be earned and maintained. So, Great Hucklow, what are we going to do to impress ourselves?

Well, I recently visited my cousin over in Liverpool, and over there in Liverpool, they are doing a lot of things with Wood Pellet Fuel, a couple of my cousins friends are trying to become completely off the grid by 2040. Now THAT’S a goal!


In the year 2040 where will Great Hucklow be? What will Great Hucklow be? Will we be using wood pellet fuel as an alternative energy source in an attempt to save our planet from the environmental apocalypse we are forcing on ourselves with our indifference and destructiveness?

It’s exciting times. So, my question to you is, what are we going to do?



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