I Don’t Know

I don’t know what to write,

I don’t know what to think,

I don’t know what to say,

Because there’ll be no point,

In saying what I want,

So I’ll try and say nothing,

So I’ll try and say nothing,

So I’ll try and say nothing,

And it will be infuriating,

For you and for everyone,


But fine, be furious,

I can’t see how else you can be,

Furious at everything and furious at me,

And I’ll be sad.

Sad because you never want me,

You asked if I was fine,

And I told you it was fine,

And I lied,

Because is that even a question?

How could that be fine?


So go and be with all those other people,

I don’t know anyone in your life who has less importance than me,

I don’ know anyone in my life who seems to value you time with me less than you,

You know, I’m not a shitty waste of time,

I guess I’ve been to nice, to easy,

To desperate and needy,

I offered my self completely,

without qualification,

so you’ve taken me, for granted.

Well fair enough



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