Clean Energy to Generate Millions of Green Jobs

Save the Planet’ ,’Keep the City Clean and Green’, and ‘Stop Global Warming’ are oft-heard slogans, and a high amount of individuals from various areas of the planet are working hard to prevent contamination and make the world a better place to live in. Would you belong to the green brigade? Would you like to generate a positive contribution to the planet you reside in? Indians are inclined to rejoice as over a million green jobs will likely be created in the nation by 2012.Governments across the world, fast job such as the US Government, intend to spend more in cleaner types of electricity. This step will consist of investment in technologies for renewable energy. The environmental think tank, The Climate Group, in a report titled India’s Clean Revolution, states that India has great capacity to develop and benefit from using green technologies. And it also says that for this transition to new and cleaner sources of energy, the nation will have to develop people who have a new set of skills: which means that a good deal of green jobs in India are on the horizon. Green jobs in India can overlap with different professions: architects capable of designing green buildings, civic engineers capable of creating environment-friendly infrastructure, farmers, etc.. India will need a lot of professionals and trained people to treat and expand its solar power, wind power and turbine facilities. The country is, even at the present time period, facing shortage of specialists in these fields. In a meeting, CEO of Green Infra, Sunil Jain, had stated that, “The prediction of 10.5 million jobs by the end of the decade is a figure on the high side but one we can definitely achieve. “As the reliance on petroleum as the primary source of energy grows weaker, other forms of energy will have to compensate because of its decreasing use, and this will create tremendous opportunity in the sphere of green energy. If you are at the brink of your career or whenever you are feeling the need to create change your work , educational or experiential qualifications within the field of green and clean energy can help you get green jobs in India a couple of months down the line. The Indian Government has been investing heavily in research and education since the past couple of years and thankfully there is a good workforce of engineers and scientist who can lead the nation on its way to becoming cleaner and greener. The end sector is expected to create around 150,000 to 250,000 jobs in India, while solar sector has the potential to create 117,000 into 235,000 jobs. But the greatest opportunity lies in clean technology eco-system. Indian government intends to enhance semiconductor production. The market for semiconductors is expected to be 153,384 crore rupees and this business will create over 3.6 million jobs in India by 2015. Additionally, biofuels are expected to create 5 million jobs, but they will overlap with jobs lost as agricultural crops replace biofuel crops. In the emerging India, it is going to pay to have green skills and jobs will pursue those who possess expertise on aspects of clean energy and sustainable growth.

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