7 Huge Benefits of Article Marketing

Have you ever wondered the reason why article marketing is extremely effective and powerful in marketing your company? When I started working my business I had no idea about article marketing as a tactic to market – but I knew that to get my name noticed in the big wide world, I would have to figure out ways to establish my credibility and gain recognition in a larger region than my local coffee shop. My customers might not be all from my hometown.

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  1. A place for Entrepreneurs to gather and have a good time.The Coffee Shop was my favorite spot to meet friends in my hometown and in larger cities around my work area. I was able to meet and do business with anyone even if they didn’t know that I worked remotely. If I could say “Hello I’m here at the Coffee Shop” I could meet people and make connections. Many people discovered me and became friends with me via articles they posted on the internet.
  2. Strategies that are of interest to entrepreneursTo establish a network of people willing to get to know me, my name was “on the top of their list”. I achieved this by writing for trade journals and magazines.Free. My signature and by-line at the end of the article were my sole advantages from writing these articles. The reward was immense.
  3. Managing Intense Growth Curves –The biggest increase in my business would occur right when a magazine hit the market, particularly when I made my way to the cover. Everyone would call, seeking my work, and even other magazines. I began writing articles in bulk, so I had some ready to go to the next call. The result was a solid relationship with the magazine’s editors and more businesses arriving, which meant I could actually hire employees to work, while I wrote articles. It was great! This is my most favorite aspect of my job.
  4. How to Set Up Your First Management Teamthe management team of the beginning gathered in the cafe for coffee and donuts one morning in early summer. Filling their donuts was the most challenging part. A Junior. Executive who is now my Business Partner, gave me the best advice: “You should spend more of your time writing articles and let the techs take care of their own.” This is what you excel at.
  5. Entrepreneurial Leadership Skill Development –Sometimes, it is important to allow different members of your team to lead the team. Who says you only need one leader? You can have one person who is great at creating marketing material while another is good in understanding it. Each of these people have the potential to fulfill their leadership roles in their respective areas. Bring on entrepreneurs who can share the responsibility of leadership your teams. Each team leader should be preparing their own article list and proving their knowledge through publications.
  6. Coping Skills for Lonely Entrepreneurs –Coffee Shop. Really I’ve got a perpetual order to get coffee at the local coffee shop every Thursday at 9am. All local entrepreneurs know that ‘it’s an occasion’. If one of us needs an immediate copy review, editing, motivation, encouragement or even a stiff upper lip to make it through the week on a Thursday morning, a visit to the Coffee Shop is enough to get the crowd cheering. I can’t recall ever sitting at the table by myself. We’ve sat at the table, working on our projects. It works. You can set a date and leave the poster at the cafe. Some will let you put it in the window of the front. Entrepreneurs Invited!
  7. Case Studies and Tips of Successful EntrepreneursIt doesn’t matter if work remotely, at the coffee shop, or at your office with a Main Street feel. It is essential to have access to specific case studies and characteristics that relate to your industry. There are many articles on your field online. However, you will need to conduct your own research to assess the worth of any case studies.

Writing articles or reading them is a method to promote your business. If there are no articles available in your industry Be an expert in your industry and write these.

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