Are You As Young As You Feel?

Recently a top sportswoman was quoted saying that she felt exactly the same in her fifties as she did when she was in her thirties. I’m sure many would be in agreement with her. In the meantime, as the baby boomers reach their 50s, with 34% of the population are aged 50 or more, we’re all looking forward to living longer, healthier life-long, and fulfilling ones. A lot of people, the how we view ageing and middle age has changed to a more fluid and relaxed affair. Getting older appears to have more ambiguous parameters and stereotypes that are associated with ageing.

How many of us now gaze into the mirror to find an older person staring towards us? Thanks to the easy availability of hair dyeing, the possibility of a healthier diet, health care, and the possibility of having a range of non-invasive surgical options, we’re now capable of chasing the years off with ease. Remaining interested and keeping up-to-date with the latest happenings around the globe keeps us young in outlook, connected and it’s never been simpler.

Fashion is more inclusive as fashion designers recognize the fact that older consumers are a lucrative market to target. Sportswear and leisure activities geared towards people who have plenty of time to relax and disposable income can be an effective way to create custom. Many people over 50 are inclined to play sports, such as golf, travel more , and are enjoying the social aspect of life. There’s a demand for a stylish wardrobe to support that lifestyle.

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An increasingly large percentage of the population is self-employed, which allows for more flexibility in the planning of their diaries, with the flexibility to adapt and alter the way they implement their work commitments. This means that retirement does not need to be at an arbitrary age or point in the future; a gradual retirement can be integrated in the event that it is required.

And then, there are people who have perhaps been waiting until they reached their 50s to let their children leave home or to start an end to a strained relationship. This decision will prompt some major changes in the domestic and financial landscape and often brings the most anticipated beginning.

Some people’s financial burden might have decreased as they’ve become older as the mortgage is paid off, the children’s education completed, and maybe pensions beginning to pay. Some may need or want to work; earning money is an important factor, not to mention the routine and social aspects of work brings the structure and social interactions into their life.

Feeling younger than our years is about both mental and physical activity and stimulation. The University of the Third Age is a reputable organization that offers interesting courses and events for older people. However, a variety of training programs that support activities, hobbies, and arts and crafts as well as retraining for professional certificates are accessible for those who are of a certain age. They provide routine, motivation, challenge, as well as opportunities for social interaction and friendship. Physical and mental fitness like yoga, walking, sport to quizzes and stimulating conversation are all crucial in keeping us youthful.

As we age, some people may be beginning to develop physical or health-related limitations, but it does not mean shutting the door to living a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Different levels of assistance in the home can be tailored to meet the individual’s requirements such as meal delivery, cleaning services, through to care for overnight and companionship. Online access will bring many benefits like family, friends shopping, work, educational courses, and entertainment into the home, at any time and whenever needed.

The option of downsizing can be appealing for many families once their children have moved out of the home and are committed to living their lives independently. The process could release some capital and bring less burden on upkeep and costs. Financial stress reduction is an essential way to stay young, healthy and engaged in a life of active living.

There are people who use their later life to revisit an interest from their earlier days that they decided to give up or were unable to pursue. In the future, it could be a suitable moment to establish an interest in business or a consulting company with the possibility to take a different, more satisfying way to achieve success.

Others have drawn up a bucket list of things they want to do, places they want to visit when they’re healthy and able to enjoy them. Many tour operators have the option of adventure tours or extended stays for those who have the time, money and motivation to pursue these opportunities . It’s an ideal way to spend the winter months with fun as well as warmth and a relaxing life.

The saying “health is wealth is especially relevant as we get older, with people getting healthier and earning more in their pocket, and able to enjoy the liberty that comes with less burden. The care of grandchildren can be one of the ways to have fun for a few moments, but many people in their later years have busy schedules, stuffed with events, clubs and social gatherings. Staying active and interested in life, and being open to opportunities to grow in your life is an important way to combat ageing.

Susan Leigh, Altrincham, Cheshire, South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship coach journalist and media contributor offers help with relationship issues and confidence, assertiveness, and stress management confidence. She assists clients on an individual basis, couples and provides seminars for corporations and offers support.

She’s the author of three books entitled ‘Dealing with Stress and Managing the Impact 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday’ and “Dealing With Death, Coping with the Pain’, all sold on Amazon & with easy to read sections, advice and strategies to help you feel more positive about your life

Designer Dog Clothing – Hot Doggie Couture

The days of dogs were simply pets, or even “security guards”. Today, the owners of pets treat their dogs as their own children and prefer to pamper them to the point that they will never return!

Just like we like to dress our children in human attire and pets, pet owners leave no ground unturned in their pursuit of dressing their furry friends. They’ve taken to the internet to purchase dog clothing online in large quantities. Today, dogs can walk on ramps and are wearing designer dog clothing made by well-known brands. This isn’t just about getting one jacket in winter and another raincoat during the monsoons! It’s all about the hot doggie couture! And our dogs are not complaining!

From luxury tuxedos to soft fluffy shoes, dogs are wearing all kinds of things and everything their parents have been wrapping around them. Be it a small puppy or a large dog, there’s no lack of designer clothing for dogs around the world.

Along with all the clothes mentioned above, today dogs have taken to wearing hats and even jewelry! Doggy dogs dancing around parks in designer skirts are no longer a rare sight. Dogs dressed in tuxedos as well as bow ties to celebrate parties and other special occasions have become very common too!

Pet parents have gone as far as buying pet swimsuits! “Pooch pool parties” – as they are often referred to are held for pet owners and their children every year at least dior hoodies once all over the country. These parties require the dogs to spend an extended period in the water and hence swimming suits for dogs has gone up. It could be for having a good experience in water or competing in a race There is nothing stopping dogs from wearing colourful swimsuits!

Stripes, monochromeand flowery prints – every latest trend in fashion is being brought into doggie fashion. It’s not just about clothing anymore. It’s about showing off an impressive “canine attitude”.

Designer dog clothes can be quite expensive to purchase and are typically priced higher than standard dog clothes. Because of the vast array of products available on pet stores, it can be difficult choosing one item for your pet. However, that doesn’t stop pet owners from buying them!

Most bought items include dog t-shirts, jackets, raincoats, bandanas, and hoodies. The other items that are popular include pet skirts, shirts, pajamas, boots, jeans and trousers and even doggie tank tops! Accessories for dogs like sunglasses, hats, charms are also popular with pet parents.


Your Blog Can Be Your Business

One of the best things concerning blogs is they are extremely easy to set up and maintain. As companies like have handled it, it’s just as easy as typing the letter or any other word processing document.

Another benefit that internet entrepreneurs have realized is that they are fast and easy to set up they can be a magnet for a wide range amount of potential customers, and generate A LOT of money for the proprietor of the blog. In this article, we’ll go over how they do it. In reality, we’re going to go over how anybody can create blogs and go into business on the internet within a matter of hours.

After an initial period of flying, swooping and moving in a variety of directions it slowed down to a certain degree. However, it’s still the same for everyone One of the most significant benefits of the internet is its ability to speedily provide a massive mass of information on almost any subject under the sun.

The majority of users of the internet share the same thing common…they are searching for information. If it’s something important as vital as alternative energy complete seo tools sources or something seemingly trivial as the comings as and goings in the world of fashion, or comic books. massive numbers of people searching on the internet in hopes of finding these facts at any time. That’s why blogs are so important.

A majority of these people seek concrete data…facts! Many, however, are content to read, understand and possibly add their own opinions on topics they find interesting. Take this into consideration with the simpleness of setting up blogs, and add a few revenue-generating linksand you’ve created the basis of a simple internet business.

If you’ve been unable to believe that you can have a successful internet business it is now your turn to alter your opinion. All you need is a keen interest in one particular area of interest, such as baseball, poetry, cartoons, cars, cooking and stamp collecting, and you could be an expert on a revenue producing blog.

What if you aren’t A PERFECT PERSON, but are simply A FAN?

In the age of blogs, this is not an issue! The goal of a blog is to share information and comments. Nobody said the information or the comment needed to be YOURS! Naturally, you’ll like to contribute to your own blog, but there are a lot of websites on the internet including that can offer quality content for your site. For the baseball example, I just did one quick search on, and found 175 articles on the subject. In the time that you’d used all 175, more would have been written and your readers would have posted comments, you could have incorporated your own ideas, and other sources of information as well as other material on the subject would have come to your attention. Beginning with this scenario you could have your own blog on the subject of baseball for a long time without any issues.

How can you earn money With a Blog?

My first suggestion is to study more about blogging to earn an internet income than I can offer in this small article. However, don’t fret, the subject of blogging as a business is easy and with a little education in the field of blogging and online marketing you’ll be an expert in the field and could even be sharing what you’ve learned. Once you’ve got a grasp of the fundamentals and have begun publishing your blog, you are able to use the following methods to earn profits from your blog.

JOIN AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: There are an unknown amount of affiliate programs on the internet, ClickBank, PayDotCom, and Commission Junction to name a few. You can find affiliate programs relative to the subject of your blog. Also, by placing links to these companies you can make income from your blog.

Join Google AdSense Google AdSense allows advertisers to display ads on your blog which may be of interest to your readers. In keeping with the baseball theme of the blog, the advertisements would include things related to playing baseball and sports. You would earn a commission when a person who visits your blog left by clicking one of the ads.

SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCTS: If you have a product to sell which has to do with the subject of your blog, this would be an excellent place to promote your product! Many people become regular visitors to interesting blogs and feel that they come to know the person who writes the blog. Any network or online marketer will inform you that consumers tend to buy an item from someone they know and trust than from someone who is not familiar with them.

VISIT OTHER Forums and Blogs: All across the internet, there are a myriad of websites and forums covering nearly every topic you can think of. There are many who wander across blogs and forums from forum to forum looking for information about these topics, and the more forums and blogs that you post your blog’s footprints and the more people who find their way back to your blog.

LINK BACK FROM RELATIVE Sites: Nobody said that every website that links to your blog should be owned by someone else! It’s great when you get an individual to link to your site on their website However, with some time and effort it is possible to learn to create web sites, or other blogs, that also link to your blog which will increase its popularity on search engines and possibly driving live traffic to your site.

“PING” YOUR BLOG and SUBMIT TO DIRECTORIES: People go to blog directories to find blogs about the topics they are interested in. “Pinging” your blog through services like will will alert the website that you’ve updated your blog.

Update your blog content regularly: While you don’t have to maintain your blog every day, you must update your blog regularly. Utilize information relevant to the blog’s subject. Although information is the most important thing, making it palatable for readers will help improve the readership of your blog.

TURN YOUR CONTENT INTO CONTENT: Huh? It’s one of the most effective methods to boost the traffic to your blog, but it is also one of the most straightforward. Once you’ve gotten a handle what kind of topics people are interested in, you may discover that you can write some comments of your own. In fact, the everyday content and comments on your blog could be made into intriguing articles of 600 – 1200 words. Once you’ve finished this, submit it into an article listing service such as Once it has been accepted the article will not only include a hyperlink back on your site, but, when others are using it on their blog or on their website it will also include a link back on your site.


The Art of Business Blogs

Blogs are the news and educational outlets of the future. They have made themselves known as the most prominent site on the internet. For those who once wanted to start a website but maybe they didn’t have relevant material. The blog has given them the chance to gain significant traffic to even the tiniest of websites. If someone blogs every day on a blog website their website will be over the 365 pages! (each blog post becomes its own page ….well using blogging programs like blogger and WordPress). With all the content and niches traffic is bound to follow. However, that’s not the case.

The entire “build it and they will come” idea doesn’t work for the web. Maybe at the time of the Internet’s creation and the subsequent 2 years, this may have been true. Now, even the largest and best websites can be hard to locate if they’re not promoted or connected to a network by any means. It’s nice to launch a great website with targeted content, and watch the traffic flow through.

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If this was the case that way, there would be plenty more wealthy bloggers. Blogging has also been the best way to stay abreast of the latest and most important news from any industry. In the present, I get to read about current events and funny news stories on occasion days before they are featured on the news or the radio. Blogs are a bigger power-house than we realize.

If you’re considering setting up a blog, you must make sure it has a niche or a specific target audience. It could be a gardening blog, a marriage blog as well as a business blog. an online business blog a marketing blog as well as a blog about web design and a design blog or even a super hero ninja clown blog. It’s amazing the number of people who are writing blogs these days…and even more surprised at the topics people are writing blogs about. Regularly reading blogs is not just a great method to know the number of people who are reading your blog in your target industry as well as a fantastic way to stay up to date with the latest techniques and trends in whatever it is that you’re interested in. In fact, blogs are the most popular form of media… And with websites like Digg, Twitter, Reddit, and stumble upon your blog, it is bound to be noticed by anyone!

So how does one slip in some self-promotion that is shameless into your own blog, or better yet…even others blogs? If you are creating a blog that is targeted, within your field it shouldn’t be that difficult. For instance, you’re an instructor of martial arts. You establish a martial arts blog, and you promote it. List your business and your expertise in the blog every once or twice. As others in the industry come across the blog they’ll be able to link to it from their site If they are impressed by your posts. This is the art of basic blogging promotion. There are also a ton of feed sites to submit your blog’s URL to, such as Technorati as well as several other giants that you should submit to in order to begin watching traffic, incoming links, and so on.

A second and obvious aspect of business promotion for blogs is to establish a network of yourself and your blog. Many bloggers believe it’s polite to leave comments on blogs to express gratitude, and to add to the experience of community members. Commenting also helps to leave the blog’s URL that allows other people to connect with you via other prominent blogs within your field. Making friends on the world of blogs is a great way to get your blog’s name and website prominently displayed. It’s also an excellent way to create regular readers for your blog.

I would strongly recommend that, when you have a company and an online presence for your business, you add a blog to it as soon as you can. If it’s an industry news blog or a blog that is merely about the latest news and events within your company. It’s a great option to bring more information (words) to your website that are like food to Google and other search engine. Industry experts have also said that adding blogs on your site is a way to better communicate with your customers by allowing them to post comments and discuss issues with pretty much anything. Many people see it as a way to get in touch with an authoritative person within the company and also. Big companies using blogs include Toyota, Google, HP as well as many others.

When you think about it blogging can be an excellent way to advertise your company if it is used appropriately. Remember, the blogging world is huge If you’re eager to get your feet wet and begin a blog, make sure you create a plan of how to market that blog. Send it in, submit it and Network! Don’t be uneasy when it comes to leaving a comment. If you enjoyed another’s blog, don’t forget to make a comment and tell them! bloggers enjoy feedback, and often it leads to friendships as well as new readers.